it’s me. I just started a blog to note down ideas, projects and how-to’s which someone else might be interested in (or I might need at a later time again 🙂

Why gigabit.fi – Long story

I started studying computer science 14yrs ago and finished 10 yrs ago. So when I started my studies there was no iPhone, iPad, bluetooth headphones, Android, iOS. My laptop at that time (a Samsung X20) had one CPU with one core and 1GB RAM (yes one, later upgraded to 2GB)…but just imagine having no smartphone today – and that‘s just about 15 yrs ago.

So I questioned myself, what happens when everyone has an affordable gigabit uplink to the internet. So not just download and consume – instead be able to contribute directly from your home. Yes, technically you can have a reasonable upload also from home today, but this either comes with a price-tag or just is not available in all areas.

What happens if the internet in your home and in your pocket is able to work at a speed you are currently only used to from companies or in your home network. While today most people feel that the current speeds are sufficient for them – who would have thought 15 yrs ago that we stream music and video today on a phone – just imagine what happens next when someone comes up with an idea…